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Sending Your Resume By Mail? See This

I receive 100+ resumes a day and that is a lot for me. So imagine the number of resumes a recruiter will receive when they advertise for a position. LOADS! 

I want to talk about a strategy that I think would work to ensure your resume is not only received it is also read.

what is the secret, the strategy? 

Find someone to send the resume to. 

Make it personal.

Find a link and exploit it.

Put a name to the nameless email address e.g. 


1. Personal Contacts | find someone in the company who can forward your resume or tell you who works in Human Resources.  Better yet find someone in Human Resources

2. Internet | online groups & social media sites will tell you all you need to know. You dont need to know the Human Resources individual personally, you just need to know who to send the profile to. 

3. Call the company | ask for the name of the HR executive/manager. You could ask the telephone operator or ask the Human Resources themselves. Ask.

4. Visit the Company | I know this is old fashioned and cumbersome. One of the reasons why not many people do it anymore. You could just simply drop your resume at the reception or walk up to HR and hand it to them. Smile when you are there!

Now that you have the name, make sure you structure the subject line well.

K/Attn: Mr/Ms XYZ | Profile for "job applied for"

Ensure the cover letter is personalized as well.