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What Are You Applying For

What do you want?
If you don’t know what a suitable job for yourself is, how would someone else?

Here you are, a professional, with a degree/education, maybe some professional/training/internship experience and you still don’t know what job title you should be applying for.

I can understand if you are uncertain at what level you should pitch.

For e.g. If it is a large company you may be happy being a supervisor, but in a small company you may want a managerial position, but to not even mention the department or even

Key Learning

ensure the position or
the at least the area of expertise
is mentioned clearly.
the area of expertise is unacceptable.

Here is what you should do:

> Mention your interest / job title / applying for/ aiming for, in the header of the email/ cover letter

> You can also list all the possibilities you maybe interested in.

so if you were applying to a hotel it could be, Duty Manager, Asst Front Office Manager, Concierge Manager etc

if you were applying to the Sales department of a company, it could be, Sales associate/ sales executive/ assistant manager sales

>>example | applying for/interested in the position of executive/manager in accounts management

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