Resume DO NOTs

The Resume DO NOTs

> Do not write the word ‘Resume’ on top, or anything else that means just about the same thing. Bio-Data/ curriculum vitae etc.

> Do Not have any grammatical or spelling errors on your resume.

> Do not use words you do not understand
I am shocked at some candidates, when I ask them what they mean by words like ‘transformational’ or ‘paradigm changing’ etc and they have a blank look. Suddenly the resume becomes 'blank' too.

> Do not create an epic from your resume
A page is ideal. Two if you have loads of exp. No other excuse for verbosity.

 > Do not MASS MAIL
I am making this bold to highlight this menace.
I understand emailing makes it easy to send your resume to multiple people all at once, but really the only thing you are doing is demonstrating how lazy you are.
Personalize your emails. Specify your interest, job details etc.
DO NOT, DO NOT mass mail.

> Do not Lie, or even Fib
Tempting as it is, it will be caught.
I once interviewed an candidate who could tell me nothing about the company he worked for or the place. why? Coz I worked there too!
He was obliviously lying coz he had no clue.
Resume integrity is paramount.

> Do not save money by printing cheap
let the quality of the paper used and the quality of the printing show/demonstrate your value and your ability to do things well.

> Do Not use multi-colored fonts

> Do Not use Heavy picture files
If your resume is loaded with pictures or heavy files, it make take too long to download or worse, get rejected by the server.

> Irrelevant pictures/formatting. It should all make sense! No sense in nonsense…you see, that sentence itself was stupid.  Do Not have that on your resume