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Create An Awesome Cover Letter

Its not a normal resume cover letter, let me tell you that first.

In the age of sending resumes by email, the covering letter needs to do some things and avoid some things.

Things your cover letter/note should do:

 >Quick snapshot

Who are you, what are you applying for and why are you interesting.

>Grab Attention

That’s right. It needs to get the right words in there to make sure the recruiter will want to read the resume.

>Make it easier for the recruiter

Things your covering letter/note should avoid:

>Look like a normal printed/physical covering letter
>Confuse the recruiter
>Visually unappealing.

Want an awesome e-cover letter?

Do the following:

> Make sure the subject of the email is packed with critical information

‘Applying for Executive Chef/12.00 yrs. exp/Diploma/(Hotel Management)/Bangalore/Working as Master Chef with XYZ’

Immediately, in the subject itself the recruiter can get a very good snapshot of your basic credentials.

>Use proper grammar for the note

Do not say ‘Hi’. Its easy to become informal in emails.
This is business, very serious business, avoid familiarity.
‘Greetings’ is a better way to open/start the note.

Mark the email to the concerned person as far as possible.
See Sending Your Resume By Mail

If a generic email id is the only one mentioned, address it ‘Dear Sir or Madam:’

> Mention the Job Code as you see in the advertisement
This is important for the sorting rules / filtering rules that most recruiters will employ to make sure the resume goes to the right pile / executive.
If the code is missing, your resume will remain in the unmarked folder.  That is as good as trash.

If there is no job code?
mention where you saw the ad.
e.g. ‘This is in response to your advert in TOI, dt 12/Dec’ or ‘I understand you are not currently recruiting. I am looking for an opportunity as ……..’

> This is a personal preference. Forget Attachments 
Put your resume in the mail. it is cumbersome to open attachments. Its also quicker to scan the resume in the mail itself.
The only irritant is formating.  you may have spent a lot of time creating a perfectly formated document or pdf file.  that is a challenge.

> Make sure the email / cover letter is not longer than two paragraphs, with not more than 5/6 lines in each paragraph.

P.S. Send the email from a professional email address.
don't use things like

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