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Ensure Your Resume Goes To The Right Person

Here are the rules:

1. If the job post (on the job site, corporate website, or a consultant’s network) mentions a particular individual or email address then that is the one to send it to.

2. Take note of the CODE or JOB ID mentioned in the job post. Most resume software and also email systems will have a filter in place. If you do not mention this code, the resume will not be filtered into the right folder or to the right person
HowTo Ensure Your Resume Goes to the Right Person
3. Create a personalized cover letter. Make it a standard letter that you learn in school. The letter should be addressed to an individual, not to anyone (especially avoid things like ‘To Whomsoever It May Concern’) How do find out whom to address it to? If the contact person is listed in the job post then that is a clear winner, however if it is not, see rule 4.

If you only have a standard mention on the job post, things like or then what do we do?

We do rule 1 & rule 2. Follow the process. This is the process the company or the recruiter has chosen to use and you would do well to follow it.

However for Rule 3 you will need to become resourceful and put in a little more effort.
  HowTo Ensure Your Resume Goes to the Right Person

4. Call the company or the recruiter and ask to speak to the person handling the position. 

Tell him/her that you have applied on the network or job site and ask them if it would be helpful to apply directly to a particular email address.

If they do give it you, then Rule 3 can be put to use. If, they tell you it is not required, thank them for the information, wish them a good day and go back to the job you currently have. You can also ask your network about it.

Maybe there are people in your circle who know someone who know someone who know the person managing the position.

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