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Get listed on company portals

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More and more companies are recognizing the power of the net. 

They are putting up their own dedicated career websites, which list not just the current jobs available but also the company philosophy, the values, financial information etc. Some of the larger ones are using specialized software (e.g Taleo) to manager they entire recruitment needs. 

What this does is give the company control over the look and feel and the content, but the task of managing is outsourced.

I am writing this on 30 Sep 10 - and probably will update it later, but as I write this, I must confess the company websites are still below par.

The information is old, and sometimes the jobs aren't even loaded.  this is nothing to do with the company, but the process.

It is central at the moment, but I can assure you as more and more managers get tech-savvy and we have better (read mobile, on-the-fly etc) tech, the company sites will be the ones that are accurate and current.

You also have the added advantage of not having to come across various bogus, misleading jobs posts - mainly from unscrupulous recruiters and consultants (click here to read more on recruitment scams. this will shock you!)

Some Dos

- Please use the format specified by the company.  Understand that the same fields are used to find your resume.

- be very specific about what you want/ what you are looking for

- join up on the mailing list.  you can then ensure you are aware/ informed everytime the company lists a new job.

- visit the linkedin or twitter page.  sometimes some jobs are posted directly on these sites.

- follow the rules for writing an email when applying for a job

Some Do Nots

- Do not send vague emails to the administrator or the site help e.g. ' I am looking for a job, any job. call me'
these are a strict no no

- If you have interviewed with the company and have been rejected, please do not re-apply for atleast 6 months.

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