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List with all the possible job sites

List with all the possible job sites

Almost all are free. (Click here to see a list of ALL JOBSITES )
They make their money by charging the recruiters.

I know it is cumbersome, but with most you can simply upload your resume, instead of the filling of the forms.

Though I strongly recommend the filling of those fields/forms. 

You see when the recruiter searches for resumes (I am one so I know) the site throws them up based on the clearly defined fields. 

So if you can, fill em up!

For example, you may want to be very specific about a certain skill that you may have, or a particular course / program that you may have attended.  If you enter that information in pre-defined feilds of the site, the chances of you coming up on that exact search are really, really good.

Most recruiters additionally search using any of the following:

- Educational Institute
if you were fortunate to go to an elite educational institute, you should know that you are valued.  recruiters (good ones atleast) will search using this parameter to ensure that the first search comes up good. if there aren't enough fish, there, only then will the net be cast wider.

- Company
Poaching is not new and neither is it wrong.  Unilver, TATAs, GE, Marriott, CITI have all been known to produce good managers.
When someone is looking for a particular skill set, the easier route to take is poach from a company that has a good track record of mentoring such people.
therefore the search is done by company name.
if you do not come up on these sites under your company name you are losing valuable visibility.

- City
there two different parameters here
1. current
2. Interested in

again, you have to ensure that if you are willing to move anywhere, you should click that option.


Instead of pasting your resume or uploading it, complete the profile on the website, filling accurately all the fields

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