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Update your profile every 3 months

Update your profile every 3 months in the very least

Most job sites throw up latest resumes first in the candidate search.

In fact some sites (and this is on the client side - i.e. the recruiter) give you options to filter out resumes not updated in the last 3 months etc.

The sites have algorithms that determine which resume needs to be shown in what order.  In most cases the parameters include, the keyword, the match i.e. relevance and the freshness of the resume.

You could also get your result ranked higher by enrolling into a paid option.

In today's day and age when people change jobs, cities, phone numbers regularly, most recruiters will not hesitate to ignore non-updated resumes.

There is another logic to it, if you are not updating regularly, that could probably mean that you are no longer looking, and if you are no longer looking it will be more cumbersome to recruit you.  The recruiter will try for someone who is more willing, first.

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