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Use Consultants

Ashley, our recruitment consultant | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Recruitment Consultants form a very important part of the hiring process.
The dependence on consultants has actually gone up since because of the sheer ease with which everyone can apply today.

How do you use consultants?

here are some Ideas:


calling consultants is according to me an activity best done if there is a position that the consultant has put out (posted on job sites, social media etc) and you are perfect for it.

Then I say call as soon as you can, because the consultant / recruiter will be very very happy to receive your call.

On the other hand, if you are just calling everybody you can find on Google to ask if they can help you, it is best avoided.  Cold calling today is a huge waste of time.  It would be better to find someone in your network to introduce you to the consultant.

In any case, if you feel compelled to call consultants (if ‘what do people at The Resume Magazine know about finding jobs!’ comes to mind) then here are the guidelines

  • Prepare your introduction
  • Write it down
  • Practice it
  • Improve it
  • Have it ready in front of you when you call
What should your introduction include?
Something to flatter the consultant – e.g. ‘
How should you call? Or Steps of the call
Good morning/ good evening

My name is XYZ and I was hoping I could speak to you regarding my career

Then the little ‘flattery’ we mentioned before (click here to see that)

Find the direct number of the consultant

Track it down. Search the net, look for it in job posts, ask other people, ask the secretary, but try and call the direct number

Be very clear about what it is that you are looking for (click here to read more on that)

Some simple rules to follow:

Please visit the website of the consultant.  This should be able to tell you what industries the consultant usually works with or what positions.  Most consultants will not take on direct competition of a client and hence it would be a waste of your time or theirs if you are looking to move or looking for a job with a competitor of the consultant’s client.

Another important thing to remember is most consultants will not poach from their client even if they are assisting a competing brand or company.  So if you are working with the consultant’s client, it is highly unlikely that they will assist you.  You will better served by some other consultant.

Know the company you want to apply for before you get in touch with the consultant
Call either for a specific position or be clear when you call/write/communicate about what you want.

The website should be able to give you some names and their corresponding responsibilities or scope of work.  Bear this in mind when you call.

Do not use first names.  Be safe, use the last name listed.  Please use Mr/Ms

Always ask if it is a good time to talk. Tell them the approx time you would need to explain what it is that you are looking for and let them tell you go ahead. This is the first yes.  Get two more out of them and you will have a winner.
Do not ask them if they have received your resume.  That is just not done anymore. Everyone is busy and it impossible for any recruiter/consultant to remember everyone who has sent them a resume.  If you know of any consultant who can, then please do let us know.


Send out customized mails to consultants

Do not do a mass mailer.  Please write an nice introductory letter, preferable with your name. (Click here to see a sample of an introductory or exploratory letter)

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