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Use Social Networks

On all your social networks, facebook, orkut, linkedin, or more, please add the following to your name/user id/status "*seeking"

Every time anyone in your network logs in, they will see your silent plea!
(a note of caution | if you don’t want your current employers to know, then this may not be such a good idea)

Social networks are essential.
Facebook has just surpassed Google as the most visited websites and has tremendous 'stickiness' to the site.
people spend an average of 5 hours per week on the site.
checking FB is second probably to checking your email.

Plus, social networks by their very logic are a community of people you know, trust and have some bonding with.  Most of us after a while will stop making new friends so to speak.  the only new acquaintances we make are the ones we work with or the ones we come in touch with for work.

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This is by Janice Worthington, MA, CPRW, JCTC, CEIP

that means that these people are either close to you personally or are probably from the same industry that you belong to.  there is no research that I can quote at the moment, but I am pretty sure, that if one did a study, 60%+ of all contacts or friends would be from the same industry, generally speaking.

so then, we have people we know and trust, with people who know our industry.  if you add into this mix that more than 50% of all jobs worldwide are filled by references, i.e. there are never advertised, you have to take social networks seriously.

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