parts of a resume
Parts of A Resume


How to write education on your resume?

First, let me talk about why your education is important and why it is meaningless.  both?  yes, both.

A. Why is Education Important

Education is used as a simple filter.  The organization/business exists to make money, create value or any other charter it may create for itself, but it does not exist to teach.

Most businesses will therefore look for relevant education.

i.e. Banking will look for finance, Marketing for an MBA, Hospitality for Hotel Mgt diploma etc.

In having pursued the education you show an aptitude and an understanding of the industry.
But more importantly, the school or the course is an automatic filter or even ranking.

So, if you are from a good school and a tough course, then logic says you must be better than or at least that can be hoped for, from someone who is from a lesser ranked college/institution.

This is why Education on your resume is important.

it is also important for the 'angel' effect or the old-boys-club effect.  essentially people like others like them and hence an interviewer is positively disposed towards someone from the same education institute as them.
The old-boys-club is just what it means.  Since we are from the same network, you get the job!
There is a reason why the largest percentage of fortune 500 CEOs are from Harvard.

B. Now, Why it Isn't?

In today's fast moving work enviorn, an education is obsolete quickly, very quickly.  Hence the need to continuously upgrade your education.
But this is exactly why education becomes a secondary search criteria while hiring.
Only if the skill sets are the same, the exposure is the same, the EQ, the communication skills etc, will the interviewer be swayed by the college or the institute someone attended 5/10 years ago.
What you have done, achieved become more important than what you learnt or were thought to do!


I. The following should be mentioned:
  1. Name of college/institute/university
  2. Location
  3. Course name
  4. Years course was read - starting - awarded completion
  5. Name of the degree/award
  6. Achievements - top 10, dean's list etc.
  7. Subjects read - If this is important to the job you are applying - also known as specialization.


Oct 08 - Sep 11 | Bachelor of XYZ | University of City, City, Country
Major - Writing
Accomplishments / Achievements 
- Gold Award for outstanding performance

II. Start from the recent educational qualification

Always list your education in reverse chronological order.
Start from what is your highest education or the most recent and then move backwards.

III. Do you need to mention all your schools?
Mention only the Last School Board or the last two.  Nothing more.

IV. What do I do if I do not have any achievements in Education?
Don't fret about it.
As a fresher, these do help you to stand apart from the crowd, but these are nearly never the reason for selection.
Relax, shine in the interview!

Quick Learn Box

Your Education should go below your work ex or professional synopsis or career details.

The only exception is if you are a fresher or if you are changing your industry and have just acquired a new higher education that is paramount for the job you are applying.