Personal Details

parts of a resume
Parts of A Resume

In personal details include the following:
  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address - please create one which has your name in it in a professional manner.  e.g. not
  • Marital Status (debatable, but a must for certain industries)
  • Postal Address
  • Date of Birth
Avoid the following:
  • Name(s) of your spouse/ children/ parents etc
  • Star Sign
  • Height or weight - unless specified - e.g. airline cabin crew resumes
  • Physical characteristics
  • Religion
  • Donor status
  • Vehicle owned - again, mention this only for job ads where it is asked for, e.g. sales

It is a good idea to put your name & contact details (number & email Id) on the top of the resume.

The rest can go as a footer or at the end of the resume.