Work Experience

parts of a resume
Parts of A Resume
Talk about your experience.  Really talk!

Once you have your Objective (see Objective on(of) your resume ) in place, you should start to look at the most important part of your resume.

Talk about your work ex -
This is the main course or the meat of it.

Think about it this way, if you could only talk about one thing on your resume what would it be?
Exactly.  It is also the one thing recruiters go to first.

If you have any work experience, then you must talk about your work experience.
I dont mean mention it on your resume, but really talk about it.

Most resumes have something like this:

' May 2006 - April 2007 Customer Services Agent XYZ Co'
' April 05 - May 07 Guest Service Associate ABC Hotel'

This tells the recruiter nothing!

Here's what you need to do:

Write at least one / two line descriptor.

What should the descriptor have?
Any or ALL of the following:

> What did you do in that job position
> Your main responsibilities
> Your level of interaction with customers
> How many people did you manage
> Did you conduct any training
> Were you responsible for a new product / service launch
> Any achievements in that position

Lets take some examples

>' May 2006 - April 2007 Customer Services Agent XYZ Co'
Responsible for all in-person queries and requests. Key tasks included, Initiating customer dockets, Actioning service requests, communication with customers and creating MIS.

> ' April 05 - May 07 Guest Service Associate ABC Hotel'
Part of the launch team for At-Your-Service concept - A one touch service provider mechanism. Responsible for all guest requests and In-room tasks, from Check In, to Dining, to House Keeping services, Billing and Check out.
Was awarded the Merit of Honor for outstanding service and nominated mentor to two new recruits.

Now make some changes to your Work Experience and leave it in comments and we will assist you to improve it further.

Take Charge!