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Sign Your Resume Get Interview calls by signing your resume!

In a world of electronic media, resume formats, online applications, how can I even suggest something as regressive as using an old fashioned writing instrument?

I am not only suggesting it, I am recommending it.

The art of reading handwriting is called graphology.

The logic is pretty simple. Handwriting is nothing but an output of the electrical impulses of the brain. Since it is an output, one can gauge the person/individual from the handwriting.

So if your handwriting is neat, cursive, with a slant towards the right and all your ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s are crossed, one could safely assume that you are a meticulous person. Sharp ‘n’s and ‘m’s would display intelligence and a upward slant of the signature would display ambition.

This is not a session/write up on graphology.

what I am suggesting is, that since there is a way to show the prospective employer what kind of a person you are, from something as simple as a signature, why would you not want to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

Imagine receiving over a 1000 applications for a position.

Now imagine all of the resumes having similar formats, fonts, resume templates or resume designs.

Where is the human element?

You don't write that often. you email, you text using the standard fonts and everything seems similar.

however, you still sign documents, contracts, applications & more. That is where your personality, your personality traits are visible. Your signature could be the one element that sets you apart from the crowd. The one thing that makes the recruiter stop and look at your resume and get a glimpse into your personality, that unfortunately cannot be read from a ‘Times New Roman’ font size 12.

So go ahead and sign your resume. Scan it and embed it into your cover letter and your resume.

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