How Strong Is Your Selection Proposition

How Strong Is Your Selection Proposition?

This is based on Porter generic strategies.

You can be a leader in one of the following or find a unique mixture of the three.

1. Cost Leader - You are complete value for money material.
your cost-to-company is lower than anyone with your skills, experience and exposure.

2. Different - you are different, period.
There is no one else who can do what you do. there is no one else who has your skills.
There is no one else who has your education, knowledge etc.

3. Focus Leader - you are a super specialist.
You only do one/two things, but you do them the best in the world.
You are not a super manager, but a super-super new-product launch manager, for e.g.

This could also be product, industry, location, type of markets, customer segments etc.

How do you check that your proposition is the strongest?

1. Internet job sites
Publish a job that ideally you would be best suited for and see the responses.

2. Use your networks
linkedin, facebook, brijj, etc. Use your networks to determine who else is out there, claiming just what you are.

3. Talk to professional recruiters and career managers
Maybe you aren't there yet.
Maybe over the next few years you can develop your USP.
Maybe you have a USP you did not consider as one.
Professional recruiters can help you find it or refine it.