How to Successfully Market your USP

So you have created your Unique Selection Proposition.

Now its time to market it.

How?  Here are some Ideas:

1. Resume
Make it a part of your objective.
Most resume objectives are not used to their full potential.
To see how best to use your objective on a resume, Click here

2. Hobbies & Interests
Develop your hobbies & interests around your USP.
This will give you the extra depth.  I spoke about using your hobbies & interests to get the job.  Read about it here

3. Make it a tag line
Use it everywhere.
Your linkedin profile, your blog, your email footer, your facebook profile, everywhere.
Click here to see how to make an awesome tag line

4. Participate in Online Discussions related to your USP
linkedin has a very robust & active Q&A section.
Answer questions related to your USP to establish your knowledge and your credentials in the community.

5. Blog - Share
Create your own blog/website and write stuff that makes your USP stick in the readers mind. Also, comment on other blogs that offer similar reading material.
Don't know anything about blogging?  Click here to get started on a very powerful job/career success tool!